Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.46.05 PMMy senior year of college I took a Magazine Editing and Production class where I was tasked with creating my own magazine. A huge feat yes. Not only did I need to form my own mission statement, thoroughly research my target consumer demographics and compile a business plan to successfully launch my magazine, but I also had to create a mock design as well (and InDesign and I have had a long history of violence towards one another).

Having always had a desire to combine my interests in music and urban fashion into a lifestyle magazine I decided to name my magazine after the group of often-marginalized African American and other black people who participate in punk and alternative music cultures. And so Afropunks was born.

Looking back on it now there are some things that I know I could improve upon, but nevertheless I am still extremely happy with myself for accomplishing something I never thought I would do. This magazine may never become a reality, even so I am still filled willed an enormous sense of pride for all the energy drinks, library all nighters and hours spent watching InDesign YouTube tutorials that I put into it.


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